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Education Everywhere Anytime

At EC2 Digital School, we raise funds to install offline e-learning network systems to provide free quality education to children living in mostly in rural areas and villages of Zambia. In these places, access to quality education is often limited, making it challenging for children to access it. We believe in taking urgent action to reach as many children as possible from the beginning of their basic education.

We invite you to support our efforts to make a measurable difference in the lives of these children.

offline e-learning Technology in rural areas

We bring digital libraries to schools, universities, and vocational schools. The content is royalty-free and can be accessed via any web-based computer, cell phone, or other devices. We set up local WIFI gadgets that serve communities or  schools with  libraries, and educational content without the need for expensive online costs.

Our Association

3D printing courses in and out of school Students

We offer courses in 3D printing technologies for students and pupils to help develop their design and manufacturing skills. Here, they can learn to design objects themselves and then print them out. This way, we aim to lay the foundation for a society of manufacturers, which in turn will help improve these underdeveloped skills in many African countries.

Be part of it

You are welcome to accompany us on our trips to Zambia, get to know the country and its people, and help with the projects.

Of course, we are also grateful for financial support or any other hardware resources such as laptops or cell phones. We also appreciate word of mouth to those interested in this project.

We are a non-profit organisation with the aim of ensuring equal opportunities in education regardless of location, or finances . Our heart beats for young people who want to shape their environment with their knowledge.

Current Projects

Kapululira secondary School

Replacement of table tops and chairs that have been broken by storm damage.

Orphanage in Choma

Installation and commissioning of the digital libraries for the local school.

Secondary School in Choma

Presentation of the possibilities of the digital libraries and planning for the implementation of the installation.


Mbala - Aufbau einer digitalen öffentlichen Bibliothek für Kinder und Erwachsene

Contact:   EC² Digital School

Hohenstaufenstrasse 24, 73104 Börtlingen

+49 175 4341040


KSK Göppingen 
EC² Digital School e.V.
IBAN: DE84 6105 0000 0049 1122 03

BLZ:610 500 00

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