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Zambians in the diaspora continue to support education in Zambia. You can join in too.

Ruth Bwalya Musange exploring 3D printing technology

With the new President Hakainde Hichilema's exciting vision for a better Zambia, youths have become more passionate about taking matters of building a prosperous Zambia into their own hands. Many youths in Zambia have started opening small scale businesses, while others are pushing their pursuit for better education and gaining expertise. Nevertheless, most of these youths may be limited from developing their full potential of bringing global competitive innovations and value to Zambia. They need support to access high quality education and training to gain competitive skills which will give them the advantage to succeed.

EC2 Digital School, a non-governmental organization by Zambians living in Germany, run by Enoch Chota, is joining hands with more Zambians in Germany to support youths in Zambia to get access to quality education and technical know-how. The organization has been delivering free e-learning tools in Zambian schools while partnering with the University of Zambia, UNZA to introduce practical courses in manufacturing (3D printing) for students and young entrepreneurs on the university's premises.

This time, it is being joined by Mbita Nakazwe-Britz Foundation, founded by Mrs. Mbita Nakazwe Britz who is also based in Germany. The MNB foundation, along with Ec2 digital school has identified youths to support and mentor through their university and tertiary studies, that have the potential to develop into the next professionals and experts. These youth are, Deliverance Munyika, Fredrick Musonda, Eliud Banda, Nicolas Chama, Simon Phiri and Serah Mwinga. They are excellent in their academics and are also enthusiastic about advancing themselves into becoming industrial experts. These youths are on an agenda to become specialists in the fields of Health Sciences and Engineering studies and have a mission to be developers of Zambian products, service providers, as well as supporters in research and development in the country.

The team at EC2 digital school is still encouraging more Zambians in the diaspora to join the support in bringing education to more Zambians, children and youths.

Building a prosperous Zambia together.

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